Start To Finish 

From raw material to a custom finished part, we at Carolina Stamping Company make quality stamping our number one goal.

  • Blanking – using a custom made punch and die, parts are blanked from sheared strips and/or coil to the exact size of the part in it’s flat state.
  • Piercing – parts have all holes and shapes pierced in a single press stroke using a custom made piercing tool, which maintains a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability as well as much shorter cycle times with relatively low tooling costs.
  • Forming – parts may be formed in custom made, multiple bend forming tools, or in stock, single bend tooling depending on the part complexity and order volume.
  • Flexibility – multiple operations, such as piercing, coining, stenciling, embossing and more can be incorporated into a single stroke tool, greatly reducing run time and part cost with minimal tooling expense.
  • Secondary Operations – parts may be processed through secondary operations such as machining, tapping, countersinking, reaming, etc. using our cnc equipment and multiple head drilling / tapping machines. Parts may also have additional assembly such as spot welding, swaging, or automatically fed hardware installation, providing you with a completed part from a single supplier.
  • Finishing – a wide variety of protective finishes are available such as: zinc plating, black oxide, wet & powder painting, anodizing and more.


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