Carolina Stamping Company


  • Run Quantities of 25 50,000 pieces & more.
  • Lower part cost and much higher quality than turret press or laser cutting.
  • High quality (+/-.005 on linear dimensions and +/-.0015 on punched holes)
  • Average tooling cost of less than $500.00.
  • One time tooling charge for lifetime tooling.
  • In house tool room with CAD-CAM, Wire & small hole EDM, CNC machining.
  • Short lead time (Just days in some situations with existing tooling)
  • Carbon steel, Stainless, Red metals, Aluminum, Plastics & more.
  • Material thickness range from .010 to .375 
  • PEM insertion, tapping, machining, spotwelding, plating, painting, assembly
  • Right on I-85 between Charlotte and Greensboro.
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